Hello, Salih here! I had this idea to help Baghdad First Hackerspace by reaching out to connect the hackerspaces of the world. We have connected with Builds Hakerspace in Boston, Lamba Labs in Beirut and the Maker community in NewYork city during World Maker Faire 2012.

Here are some of the responses about why hackersapces are awesome and why baghadd needs one:

After editing these videos we created an awesome short video to excite the Baghdad Hackerspace crew and telling what is the hackerspeace and gives some advises to Baghdad Hackerspace.


This video has filmed by :
1- Qarly Canant
2- Valerie young
3- Bilal Ghalib
4- Murtadha Al-Tameemi
And edited by Salih Ammar
Special thanks for :
– Builds Hackerspace
– Lamba Labs
– Valerie Young
– Qarly Canant
– Susu Attar
– Bassam Jalgha

Kind Regards from Gemsi team!




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