An awesome event happened last month at the Fikra Space hackerspace in Bahgdad. The crew gathered at the Institute of War and Peace Reporting for Ramadan Iftar dinner. It was a challenging time to be in Iraq so soon after a large prison break and a few months of ramped up violence. But joining this crew put me at ease again, please read a quote from and follow the link to their blog below:

“An event by Fikra Space was posted on Facebook on Friday morning, Aug 2, 2013 inviting all of its members and everyone else to share their favorite books and have Iftar together. By the end of the night, everyone would lend/give away a book and receive/borrow a different one in return. The idea was received very well and a lot of people signed up within three days, a lot more than we expected!

The night started with an ice breaker, in which everyone would say their name, something about themselves and their favorite fruit. As it turns out Iraqis love watermelons! Luckily, Aws Al-Najjar, one of Fikra Space’s members, had brought 2 watermelons for the attendees to have after Iftar! After everyone introduced themselves, they were broken into 4 teams (Chimera, Almugareed, Slive, and In3emurha) of 8 to play “crash on planet Möbius.” Hayder Hamzoz, the co-founder of Iraqi Network for Social Media (INSM) had planned this really fun game that goes like this…”



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