Below is our proposal for a three day maker space to be held at Maker Faire Africa presented by Cairo Hacker Space (CHS) and The Global Entrepreneurship and Maker Space Initiative (GEMSI)


Cairo Hacker Space and GEMSI propose to create a fully immersive environment granting attendees of Maker Faire Cairo an experience of a hacker space. To recreate the maker space atmosphere, we will host:

daily guided workshops that encourage exploration and reward curiosity!

These workshops will encourage people to make their own souvenirs. Will will stock them with:

Micro-controllers, Shop Tools, Makerbot 3D Printer, Laser Cutter!

To assist the the new makers, Local makers in residence at the 3DMS will share their projects with the world and will be available to answer questions about what they are doing.

Proposed workshops:

  • Tarek Ahmed – Intro to Arduino
  • Maged Safwat – PCB Design and soldering
  • Ahmed Tohamy – 3D design and rapid prototyping
  • Manal Moussa Jameel – Fabric Modification
  • Bilal Ghalib – Sound hacking, tunes from circuits
  • Mitch Altman – Soldering workshop! ( – )

Local makers will come from Cairo Hacker Space and include some of the above members.

Logistical Needs:

  •  We would need a room or tent for the three full days. A room with a lock would be preferable.
  •  Wireless internet access
  •  3 tables and 9 chairs
  • Power 120v (if possible)