GEMSI is proud to announce that we have partnered up with The School FactoryThe School Factory is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that creates value-creating communities and spaces that transform education. They have been supporting maker spaces, hacker spaces, coworking spaces since 2002 and their current roster of spaces extends from Jigsaw Renaissance in Seattle WA, to Pumping Station One Chicago. With their support we now can take tax deductible donations to support the creation of more of these spaces around the world. 

The School Factory plays an important roll as a hub of knowledge within the maker space movement and with their  Make-a-Space Kit attempts to gather the current best practices and shared experiences of spaces around the country. In January 2012 The School Factory will be hosting Space Camp to bring the set of community run shared workspaces together to present their methodologies, learn from each other. GEMSI hopes to see a contingency from Cairo amoungst the attendees by then.

Here’s some more information as a presentation:



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