Update #2 · Sep. 10, 2012

Update #2 coming from NYC Resistor in New York City. This video tries to share with you how much amazing stuff goes on in a hackerspace in a random day.

Important message to our wonderful backers. We’ve asked for your financial support. Now we ask for you to help us by reaching out with the power of math:

We have one week left to raise about 20,000 dollars. Some would think that’simpossible. My belief is that the world wants to see beautiful things happen. Please help us make this dream a reality by emailing 3 friends and asking them to donate – and if they can’t support us financially ask them to email 3 of their friends! This could really spread our message broadly and help us enormously. Thank you so much to all our backers, we adore you!

Rawaya Wa Badaya

Good news on the story collecting front. We’ve collected 4 stories in total now!

Layth Qazzaz has brought forth an incredible story about his uncle creating an improvised method for supporting the many orphans in the country. Layth says that his uncle puts out boxes with messages on them on street corners around his part of the city and creates signs which asks for donations which go to orphans. He collects them regularly and distributes the donations of generous Iraqi’s to kids in need. The level of trust he has says something remarkable about the Iraqi people. GEMSI is on track to start illustrating this story!

There is another new story, but we have to wait to get permission to repeat it. It’s a really great story though and we can’t wait to share it!

Excited to announce the Beirut hackerspace bootcamp!

Meeting up with Ayah Bdeir in NYC was perfect, we had a chance to discuss the future ofKaraj Beirut as the home of the Lamba Labs the Beirut hackerspace. We’ve gotten the go ahead to create a month long bootstrap bootcamp. We’ll be keeping open hours and transforming the space to a public hackerspace with a launch date sometime in October. Keep your eyes peeled for some updates from Beirut!

Tomorrow we will be screen printing Rawaya Wa Badaya posters in the Beirut Hackerspace! Check out the awesome art from Lee below! What a beautiful way to integrate these spaces and concepts together! GEMSI will be hosting a full line of events for the entire month from Sept 10 – Oct 8 in Beirut for Lamba Labs Beirut’s Hackerspace.

We can’t wait to bring all the excitement and work we’re doing in Beirut to Baghdad soon! And we’re so glad for your help in making this happen!





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