Update #7 · Sep. 17, 2012 ·

Thank you 1000x for helping us get here! It’s amazing to think that after a pretty large set back in the middle of our funding cycle the global community interested in seeing maker, hacker, open source culture and collaborative communities develop in Iraq and the region pull together to get us fully funded!

For everyone that donated 1 dollar and everyone that donated 500 and more, we honor and respect your trust. It’s now time for us to focus on collecting stories, getting illustrations, reaching out to the incredible population in Baghdad for workshop coordinators and facilitating alongside TEDxBaghdad our popup hackerspace.

Any funding that goes over our budget will go to a good cause. We are hoping to have a revolving loan to help stock fledgling hackerspaces, a fund to get Lamba Labs the Beirut Hackerspace a laser cutter, unexpected costs in Baghdad, and future support for the spaces in Cairo, Lybia and beyond.

If anyone has any feedback on our process or would like to chat please message us and reach out.

With much love from the GEMSI team!



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