Saturday Sept 29th 
3:30pm Zone A Pop Up : Maker Cafe

Hi there!

The Global Entrepreneurship and Makerspace Initiative (GEMSI) invites you to come learn about our vision and the projects that are happening RIGHT NOW in the Middle East.

We are a group of people passionate about the power of maker culture as an avenue for initiative. Imagine something awesome? MAKE it! See something that needs to be fixed? SOLVE it! See a possibility for a community to be empowered and helped? CONNECT it!

We teach skills, create opportunities for sharing, and facilitate hackerspace formation in a collaborative process that draws on the depth of our experience and creative energy.

Our current projects are focused in Beirut, Lebanon (Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace:formation) and Baghdad, Iraq (Rawaya wa Bidaya/Story Challenge/Comics of initiative; 2 day pop-up hackerspace in collaboration with TEDxBaghdad).

We would love to SHARE with you! Come listen and receive a FREE HIGH-FIVE.

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