Stories with artists assigned:

A girl realizes the power of music to empower and dedicates her life to bringing music to the people of Iraq ignoring death threats. Doing what’s right.

A man seeing the importance of culture and books and recognizing the lack of libraries in Baghdad creates an agreement and installs bookshelves in Cafes. Bringing his books and his friends books, he fills it out and where there were no publicly accessible books now there are many.

A woman loses her husband due to violence and is left with three children. Recognizing a marketable skill with her sewing abilities she does something interesting. By buying designer Turkish clothes and tearing them apart, she opens up the designs and is now employing 20 women making Iraqi designer clothes.

These comics are unassigned and we need help illustrating them

A man takes it into his hands to map an entire district and get’s googles attention. They’re now working on getting a google presence in Iraq.


Hoshyar Ali:

Keyword: Courage, never give up, take a bad situation for you and dedicate life to resolving it for others

Hoshyar Ali is a courageous symbol of unbroken determination. In the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq conflict, Hoshyar Ali tragically lost both his legs. After his loss, the pragmatic and inspirational man, dedicated his life to eradicating land mines. He has removed and defused more than 1,386,000 land mines; cleared 540,000km2 and evacuated 160 dead bodies from mines fields on the Iraqi-Iranian border.


Waste to opportunity

Keywords: Opportunity from nothing, hack, technology for good

A man looking out at his country as it becomes more poluted. Watching people line up at gas stations for hours he decides to do something to solve both problems. He takes it into his hands to create from natural waste natural gas and converts cars to run on them.


Culture in the face of opposition

Keywords: Doing what’s right, art, inspiration

Zaid Jawad tells us the story of his fathers love for arts and culture. He would take him out to the movies every week. During the most recent war and problems with insurgents he saw that the number of movie theaters were plummeting due to fear of retaliation for being western and unorthodox. Seeing this problem and recognizing the value arts and culture have for society he decided to start up theaters. With no clear idea what he was doing as he was originally a heavy machining engineer, he sold his house, he formed a team with his friend and his dad. They all went through financial difficulties, mortgaging their houses as collateral, but they started four theaters in Baghdad in the face of sectarian strife and real danger due to concerns of blasphemy. This is a story of courage, initiative, entrepreneurship and passion.

By any resource available
keywords: Bootstrap
Um Wael with a wonderful story of initiative, entrepreneurship and positivity. Um Wael is an Iraqi refugee in Egypt, she has 3 children and as soon as the family arrived in Cairo her husband got sick and died. Not sure what to do, she thought to herself, what do I know that I can use to support my family? Remembering that in 4th grade she learned to crotchet she thought she could make products and sell them! Not having the funds to buy yarn she pulled apart VHS tapes and used the magnetic tape to make her first batch of products. Bootstrapping, she used the funds from that to buy potato sacks for the colored string that comprise them. Now she’s has been working with The District Community Markets to sell her yarn cellphone holders.

Good looking out

Keywords: Community

Two boys are fighting in school. One of them is kicked out and is soon out on the streets. After a while the old mudeer retires and some of his classmates recognize one of thier own selling chicklets on the streets. They decide to step in and ask the new mudeer if he can return to school even as a gardener. He agrees and once he was back inschool it was only a matter of time till he was eventually allowed to return to classes thanks to his classmates stepping up to help him.


Najaf Story:



Farrah Haddad:

  • احنا هيجي مجموعة من شباب اسم الفريق الحياة الافضل نجمع من اي شخص يحب يتبرع ونساعد العوائل الي يحتاجون مثلا احنا هسا قبل فترة خلينا جص لفد بيت جان بس بلوكات وبيت الاخ جان عدهم مراة هيجي بيها حالة نفسية دا نوديها دكتور ورحنا احنا الفريق نضفنا البيت كلة يومين كاملين وهيجي اشياء


   إلى / فريق عمل DIY Story Challenge – Rewaya Wa Bedaya

تحية طيبة

إليكم مختصر عن قصتي معززا بالفيديو وبعض الوثائق ،

” اني المهندس العراقي حيدر الخزرجي ، اعمل في وزارة التخطيط منذ العام 2002 ، كان سبب تهجيري خارج العراق هو اعدادي لمشروع تطوير الرقابة وادارة التنمية الشاملة في العراق وكان جزءا من هذا المشروع هو مشروع التعداد السكاني باستخدام البصمة الرقمية المنشور في مجلة صوت الجامعة سنة 2008 ، بالاضافة الى مشروع تحديث المناهج الكترونيا ومشروع الاصلاح الاقتصادي

وفي بلد الغربة حيث كنت مهجرا  قمت بتقديم اهم مشروع خارج العراق وشاركت به في البرنامج التلفزيوني نجوم العلوم هو مشروع تصميم جهاز تبريد صديق للبيئة ومن الممكن ان يضع حد للاحتباس الحراري ، ويتم ذلك بدعوة لتطبيق هذا النظام بطريقة معينة ،

اصبحت معروفا لدى الجيران والاصحاب والمعارف بمشاركتي في هذا البرنامج الذي كان له الفضل في عودتي الى بلدي الحبيب لتقديم المزيد من العطاء ،

واصبح لدى الشباب العراقي الطموح للوصول الى قطر والمشاركة في هذا البرنامج ، ونبذ كل ما يعرقل الطموح من هجرة خارج الوطن والتكاسل وغير ذلك ،

وها انا ذا استعد لتقديم مشروع جديد لخدمة الانسانية سيتم الاعلان عنه قريبا ،

ارجو التفضل بقراءة ومشاهدة ما هو مرفق

مع التقدير …

حيدر الخزرجي



I am Haider ALkhazraji, an Iraqi engnieer,

I work in the ministry of planning since 2002.

the reason behinds my immigration was my preparation for

for a control development project and manage the

comrehensive development in Iraq. a part of this

project was the census project by using digital

fingerprint. this project was published in the

magazine (the Voice of the University magazine)

in 2008, as well a curriculum modernization project

electronically and an economic reform project.



In the foriegn country, where i was an immigrant,

i presented the most important prject outside Iraq,

and i participated (shared)the project in (with) a TV

program. the stars of the science is a project to design

a cooling device, which is consider a friend to the environment,

and this device can put a limit to the greenhouse (the global



I became famous when I participated in this program, which had the favor in my return to my lovely country to provide the country with more tender (services)

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