Maker spaces can be found all across the world. They are initiated by the need to create, and the need for a close-knit community that will be able to freely communicate and collaborate. Unfortunately, these hubs of creativity can not be found in the places that need them most.
Cairo has seen a steadily growing online network of artists, activists, and bloggers that encourage positive communication and cooperation. But this growing community needs a space to call its own; and to actualize the group’s creative passions.
A permanent maker space in Egypt is something GEMSI stands firmly behind and a permanent downtown Cairo space would help establish the environment needed for curiosity, learning, sharing, and innovation to thrive. Therefore GEMSI is excited to note that Hussein El Said is actively seeking members of a space he’s calling Cairo Creative Space. He’s looking for around 50 members to provide a permanent sustainable maker space. Help show your support by contacting and if you’re in Cairo, sign up!

I hope to see Hussein and all 41 of the people on that list at Maker Fair Africa and GEMSI’s Three Day Maker Space!

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