The World Maker Faire happened last weekend at the New York Hall of Science. Coming right off of the inspiring talks at the Open Hardware Summit it really made me appreciate all the wonderful things this community does and the appreciation and support that wells up around these events.

This is a note of thanks to Sherry, Dale, Dan and everyone at the Maker Shed who provided GEMSI with 200 solder badges to take with us to Maker Faire Africa’s Three Day Maker Space! This will ensure that anyone who wants to learn how to solder and make a cool kit will have the opportunity, no matter their financial state. We’re also glad to have Mitch Altman this years winner of the Makeys coming to teach.

Thank you!
+GEMSI team

ps. We’re still 3,000 dollars off of our goal for our Kickstarter, every dollar helps us get closer! Please support GEMSI! Thanks!



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