Update #4 · Sep. 14, 2012 ·

This would be awesome in Iraq:

Check out our video of the activities we’ve been running in Beirut for the last three days. It’s been incredible, sitting down in a cafe, we wanted a logo. Luckily someone was a graphic designer and they pulled the pencil sketch off of the laptop and sent out a message to the group!

Soon after we had our first design. One of the Hackerspace Design Patterns infrastructure brings the people. GEMSI donated a one color screen printing press and together with the Lambas we ran our first workshop in our first donated space in Karaj Beirut! Thanks Ayah!

Can’t wait for a full month of workshops discovering all the maker communities in Beirut. We hope to be able to bring all this excitement and work over to Baghdad soon.

3 days people. Help us bring amazing community spaces to the Middle East! If you can’t donate, please consider sending a personal email to 3 friends. We’re about halfway there and we have 3 days. We can do this!


(Still can’t wait for my team, I’m not the best video editor 😉 — Tuesday they’ll be here!)

With love!


What would be awesome in Iraq?




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